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10 Reasons to Buy a Home While You're Young

Many young adults in this this day and age are choosing to move out of their parents’ homes sooner than previous generations. The bottom line to living on your own is you can either pay somebody else’s mortgage, or you can pay your own. Seems like a clear-cut decision on which is more beneficial to you. Here are 10 reasons to buy a home while you’re young. 

1) Investment: Buying a house is a vehicle for investing. Look at it this way – if you’re in your twenties and not living with your parents, there is a good chance you will have roommates whether you rent or buy a house. If you are renting, you and your roommates are paying your landlord, and his or her mortgage. If you buy, you can rent rooms out to your friends and pay next to nothing, while they are paying off your mortgage for you.

Eg: Let’s say you are interesting in purchasing a semi-detached home for $300,000. You put 5% down, ($15,000), and mortgage the rest over the span of 30 years at a 7% annual interest rate. Your mortgage cost will be approximately $1600/month. Let’s say this is a 3-bedroom semi-detached home, and you charge each roommate $650/room + split utilities. You are only paying $300 to live there, plus your share of the utilities. Not only is this number most likely cheaper than rent elsewhere, but you are putting it directly into paying off your home, which in turn increases your equity and will later increase your return on investment. Pretty good deal huh? 

2) Appreciation: Home prices move up and down every year depending on fair market value. If you buy while you’re young, especially in this current Calgary market, you can guarantee your home will appreciate in value. (You will be able to sell for more than you paid for it later down the road). Calgary is a buyers’ market right now. Oil prices dropped, therefore housing prices dropped – the two tend to go hand in hand. However, as the price of oil regains its value, and goes back up, the same will happen with houses. Now is the time to buy, and sit back and relax while you watch your home’s value appreciate. 

3) Return on Investment (ROI): There are plenty of ways to use real estate as a means of making money. Renting out rooms is a great way to earn passive income. Using this income to pay off your mortgage means more money in your pocket when the time comes to finally sell. 80% of millionaires achieved their financial status through investing in real estate… Remember this when considering what to do with your money. 

4) Forced Savings Account: Let’s say you worked your butt off and managed to save up $15,000. Of course there are many options of what you can do with this money. Some may choose to invest in stocks, and hope for the best. Others may decide their hard work has paid off, and use this money to travel the world. The smartest of people will use this to put a down payment on a house. Putting this money into the equity of your home is a forced savings account. You cannot spend this money, as it is locked into your home. Every mortgage payment you make, is basically adding onto that “savings account” you now call your home. Buying a home is a great way to secure the money you are saving, while simultaneously building your equity and your credit. 

5) Build Equity: Some say buying a house is not beneficial because it doesn’t make you money per say, however it does build your equity. Many successful landlords no longer have to work. They have escaped the drab lives of working 9-5’s by wisely investing in rental properties. So I say again, why pay off their mortgage and earn them equity, when you could do it for yourself? 

6) Rental Income: If you treat your home like a business when you are young and able, it is absolutely an asset to you. Rental income is a fantastic way to earn passive income, and any additional income is good income. There are constantly people in the city of Calgary looking for places to rent. Whether they do not choose to purchase a home because they are here short term, or they are too afraid to take the leap into home ownership, there are always people seeking a place to stay. Take advantage of this while you’re young, and watch how easily your mortgage gets paid off in front of your eyes. 

7) Creative Freedom: Many landlords have clauses in their leases where you cannot make changes to their property. Let’s say you are a carpenter who wants to build a fantastic gazebo in the backyard, the landlord will most likely not allow it. Let’s say the place you’re renting is nice, but you are flooded with painting ideas to truly express yourself, chances are your landlord will not allow it. Enjoy the ability to make your residence exactly the way you want it! 

8) Responsibility: Buying a home is a huge responsibility in itself. Choosing the right one can be stressful enough, but fortunately working with the right Realtor will take this responsibility and stress right off your shoulders. Once you own your home, you will be forced to learn responsibilities you may not have ever learned by renting. If something in your home breaks, you are responsible for fixing it. This means increasing your skills around the house, which is a huge benefit to everyone. You will have the responsibility of making all payments, which is a phenomenal way to learn how to budget yourself financially to set yourself up for an early retirement down the road. If you choose to rent out rooms, you are responsible for collecting rent when it is due. This is a great way to allow your leadership skills to shine through which helps in every aspect of life. A lot of responsibilities taken on at once can certainly be nerve racking, but proving to yourself that you can succeed at them is a very freeing and empowering feeling. 

9) Thorough Understanding of Finance: It’s no surprise that 8 out of 10 millionaires invested in real estate. Not only does it build equity and earn you passive income, but it teaches you the art of finance. Having a good understanding of finance at a young age will be a huge asset throughout the rest of your life and career. 

10) Feeling of Accomplishment: It’s not every day that a 20-something year old gets to say that they own a home. Back in your parents’ generation, that was nearly unheard of! Take advantage of the wonderful century that we live in, & set yourself up for a very bright and wealthy future as early as you possibly can. 

There you have it, 10 great reasons why you should buy a house while you’re young! If you have any additional questions, or would like to take a look at your home possibilities, contact Gary Fayerman TODAY for a worry free, educated, and proficient real estate experience. 


5 Tips for First Time Home Sellers

Selling your home can be a bit of a stressful and overwhelming process at times. In order for your home to sell quickly, and for the price you desire, there are many things that must be taken into consideration. Taking the right steps, and avoiding taking any short cuts, will always lead you to the best results. The utmost important thing to do is to choose the right Realtor who can give you the appropriate guidance throughout your home selling experience.

Recently in Calgary, some people have been hesitant to sell their homes due to the buzz about the market. An important thing to remember throughout the endless real estate articles posted on your social media is that if you want to, or need to sell your house, you will, regardless of the state of the market, as long as you have the right agent. No matter what the market, your home will sell for a price that is comparable to the other homes similar to yours.

Follow these Tips to Ensure you have a Successful Sale!

1) Choose your Realtor Wisely:

As mentioned, the utmost important step that can be taken in order to have a successful sale, is to pick the right Realtor! Take your time with this process, and host interviews until you find the agent who is perfect for you.

Some things to look for when choosing the right person are reviews and testimonials, number of years of experience, overall satisfaction of customers, and ample connections in the real estate world. Fortunately thanks to technology, almost all of this information can be found online by the click of a mouse.

Another crucial component to choosing your Realtor is assessing their marketing strategies. Ensure they are someone with outstanding marketing skills who always go above and beyond for clients. Anybody can take a listing, toss it up on the MLS, and wait for it to sell; but a good Realtor will take extra steps and put in extra time and care to ensure your home sells both in a timely manner, and for as close to the listing price as possible.

Once these steps are complete, all that is left is a meet and greet, and from there you can make your final decision.

2) The Right Price is the One That Sells:

Fortunately for you, you’ve already taken the time to choose a reliable and experienced Realtor, which means that if you did your homework on them, they will without a doubt give you the right price for your home. Of course every sellers dream is to get absolute top dollar for their home, but this is where things can get iffy. High prices can actually scare away potential buyers, and the listing can go stale and sit on the market for much longer than anticipated.

Be aware of the “I’ll get you whatever price you want” Realtor. There are some agents out there who will tell you basically whatever you want, just in order for you to sign a contract with them. Definitely use caution in these situations. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure to work with a Realtor who is extremely trustworthy, so that they will price your house as they should in order for it to sell.

3) Prep Your Home:

Think of your home as a contestant in the 100 meter dash for the Olympics. If you haven’t prepared him or trained him, the chances are he is not going to do very well. Selling your home has a very similar concept to this because after all, it is a competition. Here are a few things you can do to prepare:

Improve Curb Appeal

– Light Landscaping (pull weeds, mow the lawn, plant some colorful flowers, etc)

– Exterior Repairs (windows, decks, patios, etc)

– Clean siding, driveway, windows, etc.

– Paint doors or shutters/window trims if necessary

Interior Face Lift

– Deep clean the entire home from top to bottom

– Rid of any pet or smoking odors

– Replace burnt out lightbulbs, and consider adding brighter ones in darker areas

– Paint rooms that need to be painted (a neutral color is always recommended)

– Switch out any ripped or stained carpeting

Keep in mind, every home is different. Assess the condition of your home from a potential buyer’s perspective, and only do what needs to be done to ensure nothing can possibly deter buyers.

4) Be Prepared to Actually Move!

With the right Realtor, the sale of your home could actually go by extremely quickly. From the moment you accept an offer, it’s officially “Go Time”. Be sure that you know where you are relocating to prior to your home selling. If you are buying and selling a home at the same time, be sure you are pre approved for your next move, and talk to your Realtor to make sure the timing will work out for both sales.

5) Inquire About & Expect Closing Costs:

As a home seller in Calgary, you are most likely responsible for paying for the closing costs once your home is sold, unless otherwise specified within the contract. You are also responsible for paying the commission to your Realtor once the deal is done. The Realtor commissions vary, depending on the amount that the house is sold for. Some other closings costs include, paying out any remaining HOA fees, taxes, legal fees and disbursements, real property reports, home and content insurance, cost of moving or storage, etc. At the time when you are ready to list your home, be sure to ask your Realtor about the details of your closing costs ensure you are prepared.

This summarizes the Tips for First Time Home Seller’s. Just remember, with the right Realtor, selling your home doesn’t have to be a difficult and stressful task. Contact “Mr Action" for a Fun, Exciting and Hassle Free Experience! (403) 620-2800,


Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Always Hire a Realtor

There have been many debates as to whether “hiring a Realtor is worth it”. One thought is that if you don’t hire a Realtor, you can save on Realtor fees. Although that may potentially be true, not hiring a professional leaves ample room for mistakes, which in the end could very well cost you much more than just the Realtor fees. 

1) Education & Experience
Learning everything about buying & selling Real Estate in order to sell your own home is a lot of unnecessary work, not to mention it is an acquired skill that takes lots of time. Let the professionals take that load of your shoulders, & hire them to do what they have studied to do, & practice day in and day out.

2) Buffer Zone & Free Time
Having people in and out of your home throughout the day for showings can be an extremely time consuming task. Hiring a Realtor frees up your time throughout the week days and weekends allowing you to concentrate on what really matters like your career & your time spent with friends & family.

3) Extensive Neighbourhood Knowledge
Realtor’s, especially those with 25+ years experience such as “Mr Action”, possess knowledge of each and every neighbourhood. They are well aware of every pro & con of every community of interest, and are there to help you find the neighbourhood most suited to your wants and needs.

4) The Price is Right
One of the most difficult parts of attempting a Sale by Owner listing is not knowing exactly what to price your home at. Price it too high, & your listing will sit on the market and go stale. List it too low, and you may have lost out on a large chunk of change that was rightfully yours. Realtor’s set the price of a home depending on the current market value, information that can be hard to come by for the public. Always hire a Realtor!

5) Market Conditions
As briefly touched on in the prior reason, Realtors disclose the conditions of the market to all buyers and sellers, making the process much easier to determine when is the right time to buy or sell, and for how much. 

6) Professional Networks
Realtor’s have a vast connection of professionals readily available to them at all times. Having these connections, anyone from other Realtor’s whose clients may have great interest in your property, to a fantastic mortgage broker that can meet your precise needs, makes all the difference in the world when it comes to buying or selling real estate. 

7) Negotiation Skills
Negotiating can be a tricky skill to achieve, and from time to time can get messy, (we’ve all seen the movie “Hostage” with Bruce Willis). Hiring a Realtor to handle all of the negotiating on your behalf with your best interest in mind is the best way to have a clean and healthy transaction.

8) Paperwork Headache
With any large purchase, there typically comes a boat load of paperwork. A standard real estate transaction agreement contains about 10+ pages that must be carefully filled out and signed – Don’t stress the paper stacks, let your Realtor handle it all for you. 

9) Post Closing Questions
Once you’ve reached what seems like it should be the end of the transaction, there are usually some additional things that need to be tended to prior to moving date. Having a Realtor to ask questions to is a major bonus for these stressful situations. 

10) Life Long Friend & Business Relationship
One of the most important, and special reasons why hiring a Realtor is the best route to take, is that not only are all of the above steps covered for you by a professional, but you also make a life long friend out of the deal, & somebody you know you can always rely on for future transactions to come. Whether it’s you getting ready to sell your house again, buy a home as a rental property, or your friend or family member looking to buy or sell, you now have someone you can rely on for all of these needs. 

                     Let the Professional’s Assist you with all of your Real Estate Needs, 
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